Force VGA detection

I have a PC with a 6600GT and i d like to use the digital output with a projector and force the VGA to be enabled so that I can see it via a remote viewer (teamviewer).
Now, since there is nothing connected to the VGA it won t be enabled, is there a way to fake it is connected?

you should be able to keep a 2nd output active via windows/nvidia controls. (don’t know about remote viewer (teamviewer)).

my main desktop does this (nvidia). my 2nd monitor is left permenantly active even if there is no monitor attached.

(can’t do it on my laptop though…)

matt (ksp)

we’ve used gefen dvi detectives successfully for this purpose.

i use the gefen stuff too. if these boxes are not available and time is short you can use VGA-splitter too (they are easier to get). they fake EDID’s too and the pc thinks its ok to turn on the vga out.

btw. i really hate this feature, there are projectors out there which return false EDID’s…let’s say BenQ for example. absolutely random behaviour including resolution changes.

oh yes, there are. sometimes it helps to block the EDID completely.
dealing with VGA it also comes very handy to have some modified Genderchanger Male-Female at hand: pull out pin 12 (DDC).
so you don’t have to destroy the expensive cables of the rental service…

ähm kalle, killing the EDID pin is really helping ? is the graphicscard still being able to activate the output ?

i heard about it but never tried it myself…

especially if the device sends wacky EDID this can help.
sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t…

nice solution kalle. I’ve snapped off pin 12 to do this before, didn’t think of using a gender changer, and I had one.