FOllow target with moving heads arbitrarily positioned

i’m trying to track a target position with some moving heads placed in circular spread fashion.

Using polar node i manage to follow the target when my lights neutral position is facing down on the ground, there was another forum thread for that.(see attached patch)

I’m gonna be rigging the lights though with the neutral position being facing inwards or maybe more arbitrary positions and i have no idea how to tell the polar node what are my physical rotations.
appreciate any hints or help, cant get my head around it.


Problem.v4p (39.6 kB)

Key is the Polar node indeed, done something similar when I was young, not going to bother explaining it hope you get it.

You need to map real world values back to vvvv values, like 1 meter = 1.000, to use it in the real world. And you need to re modify the angles back to DMX, but that is just maths. (and I suck with maths)

TrigonometryHeads.v4p (36.1 kB)

ahhh when i was young…

thanks for reply, i get your patch, my patch is the same and has the dmx simulation , maybe i didnt explain my self correctlly or you re doing smth with the center xyz i dont get?
what i need to do is physically rotate the moving heads and continue to track target.
it works with arbitrary positions but not with arbitrary rotations.
meaning only tracking when heads neutral position (pan .5 tilt .5) is facing downwards.
am i making sense?

To be honest, I only used it like that, hanging upside down, was based on Elliot Woods very cool wii moving heads, Vapor Phantoms

I suck at maths, But, if you face your movinghead upwards, isn’t it just a + (or minus) 0.5 for tilt rotation, and if you aim them another way, you need to compensate that. I remember when testing it was just add or subtract some values from the angles to make it work.

Saw you already compensated for the 300 degree and 630 degree pan/tilt vs dmx rotation, that is good.

Do I read it correct that you are planning on moving the moving heads? How cool is that! :)

Sry that I can’t help, but I do look forward to see a cool video about this project :D

@west - come here and see it for yourself ;)

well, im certainly gonna be moving them up and down the ladder.
still havent found a solution for it. im missing something.
but yea come down to arc.