Fog in displace shader doesn't work

hi all,
I0m playing with the displace shader, but when i attach the fog node to samplerstate pin of displace, it does nothis. The other shaders works well with the same fog attached, so for sure is not a problem of settings of the fog. The problem is in the shader. anyone knows why?
thx all ;)


i’m interested too.
i tried to combine partially sanch’s and mar.canet’s shaders (got it here )
with phong directional, but failed.

is it possible in general to make it work?
yeah, im novice @ vvvv

i am sorry for my importunity, but
any hint, maybe? or advice? anyone?

i think we need to have the right syntax in the shader
in order to make vvvv able to control the sampler state characteristics.

i have other shaders that don’t accept fog or culling, like the velvet shader made by dottore and others.

But i’m not good in coding shader, i can only suggest to try to open the template shader and study the line about sampler state and the fog one.

and please repot back if u find something because i love to see velvet and others with fog , maybe if we individuate the code lines about fog we can implement it in all shaders… but i hope some shader master can help us to understand better


i just properly copy/pasted some code from Desaxismundi’s GouraudDirectional_FogInside.fx to sanch’s Displace.fx

so now i know, that it is possible