Fluidsolver velocity field explanation

hi all (especially vux :P)
i’m playing with the fantastic fluidsolver plugin,
and i’m especially curious about the velocity field pin. I think (just for deduction) that i need to use these values if i want to do something like this, but, after many tries (like using particles 2d field) i’m not shure to understood the meaning of this pin. i attach the “best result” i had, but it is’nt what i want to do. Anyone have some hints for this?

solver3.v4p (19.4 kB)

the velocity field defines a velocity for each grid point of the solver. when you want to shoot particles around on that grid, then you have to create a particle and give it the velocity of the closest grid point. see patch:

solver3-1.v4p (39.2 kB)

WOW! this is great, nice tf

thx for the info tonfilm, now i understood the way to proceed :) for now i tried with a grid of point, and it look promising.
The only thing remaining to do for me is to understand how i can create and destroy particles in realtime, without resetting all the others, any hint about that?

i found by mtself the answer, or better, an answer. I use the same method you use for the rotation and if the velocity of a particle is lower than a threshold, i put that particle at its start point

solver3-2.v4p (35.8 kB)
solver3-3.v4p (37.0 kB)

nice solution!

very nice!

and we just rebuilt fluids by Memo Atkin (memo.tv) to vvvv-plugin. i’ll made simple help patch and upload it today

please find it here: