Fluid simulation for dx11

Hi guys,
i was looking at one of my favorite shaders for dx9 (the wave simulation from gregsn) wave simulation
i really love that shader, and i think is a fantastic starting point for interactive installations like floors or walls, or touchscreens also.
but in the next period i like a lot to patch in dx11 (when possible). So my question is, has someone tried to convert that dx9 shader in dx11?
or someone cuold please help me to do it (my programming skills are so poor, and really i can’t understand how difficult is to convert a shader from dx9 to 11).
thx all

read this and you should be fine: sites/default/files/user-files/ShaderPorting.pdf
if not, you can easily post a specific question in the forums.

also useful

Sir unc did it again,

wow :) suppper thx