Fluid Dynamics

I love the work done on fluid dynamics DX11 Fluid Solver

I wonder if anyone has done any further work on this, or nice variations?

@digitalwannabe works on something pretty badass in the topic ;)

@timpernagel also has been developing some 3D fluids which I think he eventually wanted to open source at some point.

Wicked, will get in touch with @digitalwannabe and @timpernagel for sure!

might be some time until I can share something, I’m still in research and can not fully commit to it yet, but yes, it’s in the pipeline ;)

seems like too many similar things in different pipelines. maybe we should join forces to not end up with 4 (as far as i know) similar fluidsim contributions? guess we’re all in the process of cleanup before release atm.

hm, true dat, that’s actually why i’ve asked the devs for something like the work in progress forum…and then didnt use it ;)
but as said, my project is in research state, only minimal test code written and if there’s contribs coming up I might be able to help there or otherwise just take a freaking break for once… and wait ;)
gonna pm you laterz

i have something running but didn’t found the time yet for cleaning up and adding help patches. eventually this will be the case by beginning of november. will include the texture3d-based fluid-implementation,plus a optical flow 3d approach. also on the feature list is adding mesh-collision based on the gpu-gems 3 example. but this will need a little more time. opening a riot-chat about it it’s a good start to share the states and approaches.


Sounds wicked, looking forward to checking it out! Looks like a bit of 3d on the horizon, I’ve been loving creating some fun interactive projection using the DX11 Fluid Solver, been trying to get a more “oily” look to the fluid, guessing some sort of dynamic texture with directional lighting effect… Still plugging away at it.

Talk about synchronicity, I’ve just started playing around with the DX11 fluid solver and hit a bug - if boundaries are turned on, after what seems some random period of time, minutes to hours, it will stop working. The image will wash out from one corner and you then get no fluid. Seems like the velocities have gotten stuck at some value that moves everything off the screen in one iteration. Toggling Init usually restores sanity. @sanch @unc, any ideas where to look? I’m a shader novice but can poke around on it.

Sorry, meant toggling Enable clears it, not Init.

Hmmm may have found it. The pixel shader in BoundaryConditionsDX11.fx is not always checking both X and Y for limits before exiting, which matches that the problem comes from the corners. I’m testing a fix, will update it and post it as a contrib if this fixes it.

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Well in the meanwhile, here is a mod that seems to fix the crash problem.
BoundaryConditionsD11.zip (636 Bytes)

Hmmm, I must be doing something wrong, can you upload a working fluid solver with your mod in place madiadog?

Had some fun with the stable fluids contrib…

StableFluids_v1.0 - Copy.zip (47.9 KB)

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