Flickr into VVVV via Flash?


I am looking to developing a community based installation that displays images of Derby or Derby people in an interesting way. It will display images based on tags like Sex, age etc.

My first thoughts brought me to Flash and using Flickr. I am aware there are ways to display images from Flickr into Flash. Therefore is there a way to get images from Flash Renderer in VVVV then display using Linear Spreads?

Or is there a more direct way from Flickr to VVVV? As long I can setup a random tag search based on a list I am happy either way.

If there is anyone who could give me some advice I’d appreciate it.

all the best

Darius Powell

I don’t know how flickr works, but I am sure you can work it out all in vvvv using HTTP (Network get) to pull the website, some ‘clever’ use off the RegExpr (Sring) to isolate where the pictures are stored, and than show them using the DynamicTexture (String) node.

I tried this for a, and well, I got it to work :) My patch pulls the random pictures that are shown in the left bottem corner off the main page. It never had a real purpose…

There is also an exemple that can show google image search pictures, but google changed something, and now it doesn’t work (you need to change the RegExpr). It is on 020200’s userpage

GetRicosPicture.v4p (19.2 kB)

Thanks West,

I have to say I’ve found the VVVV forums to be the most friendly and helpful so far.

I’ll give what you said a shot.
VVVV is the best.


You would be able to do it using the Renderer (Flash) to run the .swf which can indeed connect Flickr using the Flickr API through ActionScript3 (and maybe AS2).

Then get your flash file to display the picture at full screen. Then connect the GDI Out pin from the Renderer (Flash) to a GDITexture (EX9.Texture) node and then you’ve got Texture Out to do what you want with. You could capture that to a file using the Writer (EX9.Texture) or put it in a Queue (EX9.Texture).

Then you’d need to set a new variable in the Renderer (Flash) so you flash movie knows when to display the next picture. You’d have to use the Return Value pin on the Renderer (Flash) node so you knew when the new image was loaded and displayed for you to capture through the GDITexture node again.

Make sense? If you’ve had experience getting and setting flash variables through the Renderer (Flash) and you know you Flash Actionscripting this method will be easy easy easy. I imagine there are loads of flash tutorials online for getting Flickr working in flash.

If you don’t know you flash it probally best to go with West’s method above.

See for more info on passing variables to flash.

Let us know your results please.

thanks xd_nitro,

I’ll give that a shot. Not getting too far with HTTP method although I may still be able to get that working.

I have some experience of AS and Flash, so I think with some reading and playing I should be able to get something working.

I’ll report back with my results,



I don’t know what to look for on Flickr, can you post an example off the pictures you want to show? Might give it a try later this week.

There is an API available for flickr, I am dead certain that interfacing vvvv with flickr is best done WITHOUT sticking flash in the middle of it all.

yeah - there is also a c# implementation availabel … maybe somebody has the time to wrap all up in a vvvv plugin - shouldn’t that hard (would do it for myself if I had the time). good article about how using it can be found here (sorry, german only)

best m9d