Flicking text spread fault

hey,everybody,i want make a text game by box2d,but i found the text have wrong postition and flicking,i can`t find a right way to make the text spread adapt to the box2d body position spread.
What should I do?counld you give me some information to do it?
THX a lot!
here is three path: main.v4p, phyical_fuction.v4p, text_fuction.v4p (18.7 kB)

I had to download the 34.2 X86 version of vvvv, to get BOX2D, but the node GetPolygons (Box2D) remains red :(

What version are you running?

I’m also struggling with box2d. in 34.2 x64 no box3d is available, in 34.2 x86 the getPolygons is always red. Any ideas?

(Bullet doesn’t work either, btw. In x86 the “RigidBody” nodes in the girlpower’s example are red, in x64 every node related to bullet is red. Bummer.)

i use 33.7 X86 version of vvvv,BOX2D seem not work in 34.2

if you want box2d,33.7 x86 can do it,box2d seem not work on 34.2