Flashing GFX/screen updates

I’m having a strange issue, its using beta 13.1 (i know bu unfortunatly I have to keep it like this for now…)
I have a screen full of 100 sprites (a cross array of a quad) with get slice node attached to a file texture node with small bitmaps.
The issue is that its like the screen keeps getting redrawn ie goes black and the sprites redraw…
Is this just a get slice node bug from this version?
I can do a work around, but wondered what it was before doing it and then finding its something else!



13.1 was a ‘good’ version,
i’m still with 17, also good.
but i really think about moving to 19.1 now.

do your textures all have the same size?
i remember that somewhere around here was mentioned that differing sizes could cause issues like this.

Ahh, no they’re different sizes, i’ll try that! Just tried spreading the geometry but not the textures, lots of select nodes! Its still happening, but not as often…
TBH I’m 19.1 for all my stuff usually, its just this is an old patch that has had a lot of bugs fixed, and updating to anything after 16 kills parts of it and I don’t have time to find and fix them all!
I’m using a line node to, and I wonder if thats the issue, its always been funny, is there a shader version of line I wonder…
Ahh Woei to the rescue again there, see if that helps…

ah the line node.

yes, this one also has some strange issues

and there should be another topic which i can’t find now

Hmm Woei’s sint quite a straight replacement, it edge on in some directions…
doesnt fix the flashing either, so its something else somewhere…

Ahh sussed it , I’ve got used o using the YUVmixing video texture since its been fixed and had put that in a different bit of the [patch…
The oldies are always the goodies Huh!
Thanks for you time Kalle!