Flash Renderer Problem


i have a Flash Renderer together with Arduino.
he Arduino Board just has some inputs for some
buttons. the buttons work as a control for
a interface (flashfile)

i get the inputs from Arduino and put them in
flash, setting 5 variables.

i have a video that i control with that variables, playing
forward and backward, depending what button i am pressing.

somehow, if i keep pressing the forward button to long the video keeps playing even if i stop pressing, or press another button. can i set a timeout for the buttons input or just set variables if they change ?

im guessing that this is a problem when i send to much
information to flash renderer.

–> while sending, arduino LED is flashing, while the Problem appears it stops.

StepperV1.v4p (10.6 kB)

i don’t know what comes out of your arduinoReader but try using TogEdge and S+H nodes…

i stopped using vvvv for the Flash now.
i set up a serial connection to flash so…

i think the renderer had a Problem with my filesize
and the pushing of the variables… to much to do.
flash was 1024*576. in smaller Resolution there was no Problem
so i think thats a Performance thing.

thanx anyways

If it works without your Arduino module, than the trouble lies with the arduino module…

All that happens is you pass 1 set off values to another, and vvvv realy doesn’t care where the values come from.

Perhaps post the Arduino Module ;)

yea, like i said, i think it was just a performance problem.
i i tried to check the arduino module and there was no problem getting the variables.
so i checked the Flash Renderer and while the File was like 40% of realsize there was no lagg. when i switched the Flash to fullscreen
it started to humble (while playing a FLV loaded into the Flash).

Flash itself has no Problem playing the File.

the Arduino Code…part of it,
was just digitalRead and Write…
void loop()
Serial.print(" ");

//and so on :-)


arduinoReader.v4p (14.9 kB)