Flash player set/get vars problems

hey guys.

anyone experienced issues depending on flash player versions?
i cant get any variables from flash.

the uploaded example with scrollbars works fine until i open the file in cs3 and re-export it (with the same flash6 publish settings) then its the same problem with that aswell…

wonder how to solve this. any ideas?



sorry, im writing stupid things. after re-exporting it still works but runs around 10 fps in vvvv.

hi randomroutine

when you say runs at 10fps, which renderer does? The DirectX or the Flash Renderer?

I have just done what you said, re-exported the swf from cs3 using flash 6 publish settings, and I don’t see any change in any frame rate.

If it is the directX renderer, try, if you haven’t already, adding the Timing (Debug) node and a PerfMeter (Debug) node to have a look at actual frame rates and system resources.

I’ve had performance issues with Flash Renderer before and I never got to the bottom of it. I found away around it for time being but I will need to come back to tackle the issue soon for a project. This issue involved the rate at which new movieclips were added on the flash side.

yes, the DirectX renderer slows down in moving pictures along x.
weird, the whole thing. but thanks, ill check the debug info.