Flash in VVVV

I just wanted to know what my options are, concerning Flash.
Can i create Flash movies with v4, oder can I just play them with the render?

you can only play them, but also set and get variables.
Don’t expect good performance from flash as its generally a GUI IDE.

Hi, Is there any examples of this available?

and another one here

the first file does not seem to work?

well i made that a few hours ago, checked the downloaded rar and it works, maybe get latest flash player etc…
basically it should show the input value in a flash textfield and output_xmouse and _ymouse to vvvv as an array
did you check the fla?

checked the downloaded rar and it works

Winrar has a function to make a ZIP file, we all have ZIP, but we don not all have RAR…

Need to learn Flash some day, thnx for these :)

Hi there,
im new in vvvv but im trying to start with it, i see that you can control via patch osc in vvvv with two computers via ip adresses, and also using this to control some videos via the flahs buttons , to be clear the flash in one computer and the vvvv in other one with the video window, if some of you have info about how to do that it will be great for put some of my ideas in a right place, thanks.