Flash (EX9) doesn't work on my computer


I have problems with the Flash(EX9) node. When I open the help file, it shows me strange graphics in the DirectX renderer and it crashes very easily.

When I choose a SWF file sometimes it is visible and sometimes not.

I saw, when I load it into the help file patch and click “load” then it works.

But when I create my own Flash patch then it doesn’t show anything. The same happens when I change the helpfile and save it to a place on the harddisk and reopen it, it shows me nothing.

I attached a PDF with a screenshot of the renderer.

I use Windows 7, I tried to install SlimDX August 2009, but it doesn’t change anything. I updated the Flashplayer in Windows Explorer.

flash(ex9)-renderer.pdf (197.5 kB)

i’ve got a feeling the lastest release of flash player doesn’t work. What version are you using? Are you able to get hold of an older version to test?

I have the latest version of vvvv 45beta24.1

But I saw that for my purposes I can’t use the Flash(EX9) module neither, because it has the same problem as the Filestream-Videotexture module in dual screen. It just shows SWFs on one screen.

I even tried to install vvvv on Windows XP 64 Bit, with screen spanning, but on my graphic cards - 2xGeforce 460GTX - it does very strange things. It distorts and flickers the output on both screens if I put one renderer to the other screen. I used the same resolution on both screens.
And the other great disadvantage is that you can’t use SLI mode in span mode.
Has anyone tried the NVIDIA surround with two monitors and one projector if it works with videotextures?

I’m searching a way to use Flash to visualize video on two screens. I did it with Renderer (Flash)>GDI Texture, using external flvs or embedding it in SWF, but the remaining problem is, when I use two swfs at the same time for mixing then one goes very slow. I’m messing around with flv output settings to avoid the annoying stuttering. I tried changing the birate, keyframes, fps, resolution, but til now no change in performance…

hello cybear,
some suggestions:

  1. use a DXVA compatible video format and two seperate streams (WMV comes to mind)

  2. wait 'till vux releases his probably awesome FilePlayer

Hey m4d!

How did you mean two seperate streams?
To use one for the first screen and one for the other?
But this way would slow down a lot the performance and then there could be problems for syncronizing both and applying the fx… or am I wrong?

Has the vux FilePlayer the possibility to view video on two screens? Do you know more or less when it should be released, because I’m needing working videos on two screens for my university dissertation in february…

Thank you for replying! :)

yes, i meant it like that. (2 seperate fullscreen renderers each with its own videotexture) since xp64 spanmode seems not to be an option for you this is the only valid way that i know of. performance really depends on your patch and accompanying shaders, but the DXVA should save some precious cpu cycles in comparison to flv softwaredecoding.

if i remember correctly it does. i have no clue when it’s going to be released though, but vux is faaaaaaast so something tells me that it’s gonna be soon… ;)

in the meantime you should probably have a look at this if you have not read it by now.

cheers and good luck with that dissertation!

Hey m4d!

Doubling the renderers is not a good solution for my problem, because I have to double all following shader fx for both channels.

But thank you anyway for your hints.

In the meantime I’ll wait for the vux’s new module.

Have a nice day! :)

actually from what i know this is what your gpu is doing “under the hood” anyway. as stated above: span mode (and thereby having one framebuffer for all outputdevices) is the only way to avoid that… (ati eyefinity should also work because it’s the same underlying principle)

Hello m4d!

I tried to double the video, but as I supposed I lose a lot of FPS (about 15!!), because I have to double all following shader fx modules, which is the cause and not the two video streams.

But thank you anyway for your patience!! :)

Does anybody know if there is a way to put two textures in a shader and have afterwards the two textures splittened up again?

hey cybear,

then the only valid options remaining are xp span mode, ati eyefinity or a th2go… (only tried th2go under win7 for a few minutes and it did not work properly, but in theory it should ;))

… or another way would be to create picture sequences instead of video. But then I’m sure that it’s going to be a problem when you have a lot of picture sequences for preloading all the files. Another disadvantage would be then that you can only use short sequences.

I’m desperated!!! :(

I hope that someone would be so genius and smart to risolve that issue!

Have a nice evening m4d! ;)

… and thanks again!