Flash as Texture


I’m new to vvvv (and loving it) but i’ve been commisioned to do quite a big project, so you’ll probably see a lot of desperate questions up here from me in the near future.

Anywho, my question this time happens to be one that has already been asked:

"murk - Is it possible to render Flash into a DX9 renderer?
“joreg - jes. use the GDITexture node no the Flashrenderers rightmost output”

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to do this at all. the GDITexture node doesn’t accept input from the flash renderer node.
I’m sure i’m being silly, but i’m really stuck with this one. Please help.


maybe i’m silly as well, but it seems like the gdi-output doesn’t exist anymore in beta9.0.

go for beta8.1, there it works for sure

since there are major changes in the rendering system in beta9, the flash renderer has no gdi output because of lack of time. you can hope that it will be reimplemented in beta9.1.

another way is to render your flash file as a video or single frames …

ahh that’ll be it!! thanks woei : ) I’ll give 8.1 a try.

and thanks tonfilm, but I can’t render my flash like that, 'cos I’m using vvvv to alter actionscript values within the *swf.

Fingers crossed for 9.1 then - is it going to be long?

ah ok… i know what it’s like.

do hurry, though- i much prefered version 9. : )

beta 9.1 will come in … ahm … some days … but never trust any promises about new release dates … ,)

yoyo or try the ScreenShot (EX9.Texture) meanwhile. oh. or is that broken for beta9 either?. shait…