Fixing camera


Does anybody know a way to fix a position of a camera?
everytime by pressing ‘r’ it switches to its basic-angle…
I’m using the girlpower softimage camera.

This is propably an easy one for vvvv-pros,
thanks for answers!!

i added an faq entry to the new node reference page Camera (Transform Softimage)

cool thing, thanks a lot!!!

i always change the Camera (Transform Softimage) - Module so that ‘R’ has to be pressed for 0.5sec to reset the position. i’d vote for the default behavior with this or similar settings…

There comes another question:
Can I define a point in 3d space as target for the camera?
so if I turn camera, position changes but angle and persepctive stays the same.
I hope, I didn’t explain that to complicated.
thanks for the help!

see ampops CameraAndTarget module:

great, that’s exactly what I was looking for!