Fisheye Camera Rig - View Dependent Lighting Issue

I have been using a fisheye ‘camera’ vvvv patch for a while to output content for dome projection. It uses 4 views with 90 degree fov, angled perpendicular to each other, each one’s output texturing a part of a geometrically corrected mesh to create the fisheye view.

For almost all content and shading techniques this works fine, including specular shading like in phong.

There are a couple of techniques which result in the 4 views not stitching together correctly and I’m wondering if anyone knows why.

Line Ex9 works fine, Line Ex9 Geometry is geometrically misaligned.

Splines GPU Tcb is geometrically fine but the diffuse and specular lighting does not match between ‘segments’

I can see that the issue arises from each of the four perspective cameras is oriented in a different direction so will provide different view matrices to the shaders, but I don’t know why I don’t have this issue with other effects such as the standard phong directional, which I’d expect to be the same as phong directional Tcb spline.

Patch attached showing these issues. Feel free to use the fisheye cam in your own work btw. Shoulda shared it a while ago. Credits to Paul Bourke for the mesh and idea.

Fisheye Cam View Based Lighting (245.0 kB)

anyone got any ideas?

secret is inside when you do say tWVP it’s one, tWV then tP after some operations, might result different