First Projector for VVVV

Considering buying my first projector to use for v4 visuals. I want something that is bright, easy to use and can project well in a small space (I would mostly be doing visuals in office/store/club environments. Seems like I need a short throw projector with 3k+ lumens and 720p+. Any advice from you guys?

The two I have been looking at are:



That sanyo 4500 lumen LCD will be great if you perform with a lot of ambient light. If you anticipate performing in dark environments, a DLP like the optoma you chose will have deeper blacks. Also most DLP projectors have a sealed light engine, which means no dust can enter and dirty up the image. LCD systems are not sealed and seem to be a bit more fragile. You do get better brightness with LCD projectors in general, though.

Also make sure your computer can handle outputting the native resolution the projector requires. I sometimes have to dumb down my show to run on resolutions like 1280x800(WXGA) when I design for my projector at 1024x768. If you are running a lower resolution backbuffer to compensate, you might as well have gotten a lower cost/brighter/lower resolution proj.

That Sanyo looks nice though, although you might want to look at something with a zoom-able lens for more flexibility (if you care about resolution).

I’d look at 1024x768 projectors too, unless you absolutely need the high res.


sanyo is well worth the extra buck atop any other consumer brand because air ventilation is usually much better than that of the rest of the field. a manfrotto magic arm is something else you should consider from the beginning if you want flexibility in a lot of environments.

Does anybody knows how this guy holds his projector with the Manfrotto Arm. I’m missing that part.

i have PLCXU106. with 30/34 dB it’s pretty noisy for small room.
and i’m missing lens shift
i would go for newest panasonic:
@venti: i believe the projector has a standart 1/4" tripod thread

@ventolinmono :

he is using this:

His beamer has a camera mount “insert” ( sorry for english ).

For being using this solution, it’s ok only with very light beamers ( it’s normaly manufactured for a camera ).



@Mehdi/keftaparty Thanks
Maybe for a heavier projector one like this >
It supports 50lb (22kg).
The magic arm only supports 3kg? I though it was stronger.