First project

hello everybody

Im new in vvvv and i want to start my first project but i have no idea on how to proceed…

The idea is this. I have a simple scene created in autodesk maya with no lighting. What would be interesting is to have a user interacting with a kinect device through vvvv and moving a light source or some kind of particles - something that emits lights anyway into the scene.

Anyone has an idea on how to start with patches - or what to try to combine?


Dont know if you got further with your project but here is a hint.

Light in VVVV is calculated by shaders so try the build in shaders like Phong or Flat (Directional oder Point as you like the result).

These shader got a input “light”. You can use the helper Nodes Light(EX9 Direction) or Light(EX9 Point) to make the light source visible then just connect your Kinect inputs to these nodes and see whats happening :).

If you have to split or join the Kinect data use vector(join) or vector(split).

Maybe that helps


sounds like a good start

if it works i will get back to you

thanx man

Hi Yannis
You can also use the collada DAE export from maya and use the .dae in vvvv with the collada nodes.

Just double click and type “collada” and choose the appropriate node.
It handles also simple animation (position, rotation, scale) or skinning deformation

Attached an example

colladaExample.v4p (9.8 kB)

thanx for the tip

worked just fine