Firmata or serial

Hi all, I try to use vvvv to connect to the arduino, first I tried with firmata, and the default example works perfect, but I want to send signal though i2c to a PCA9685 16 Channel and i have the feeling that firmata in vvvv gamma is not good documented. After searching, I thought maybe use serial to sent to the arduino.
Do you have any comments, solutions or tips?

Thanks a lot

Hi, you may want to try SerialPort or SerialPort4 ((only for receiving so far) which can be found in the experimental nodes)).You may have to set DtrEnable to true.

i want to sent basically, i want to sent data from media.pipe to the servos.

what exactly are you missing. did you see the “HowTo I2C” patch in the helpbrowser?

thank you, i have the servo shield, when i press to send, it sends a message, i see just in arduino the rx led. but firmata ready is not true. Also the do send is not continues, only when i sent, i see values in an io output from i2cwrite, but only momentary. The firmatadevice doesnt output anything. Also i have 2-6 servos, where i put the multiple values? Also should i declare the sda pin? And finally, i cannot really debug, because when the patch is enabled i can not use the serial output in arduino ide.

thank you alot