Firmata connect analogRead to digitalWrite


I am currently trying to use an Arduino UNO with vvvv. With Firmata, I am able to read my analog input and convert the signal to toggle when it reaches a specific value. However, I am unable to connect it as a trigger to a digital output on another pin. (The setup for digitalWrite itself works, but I simply cannot connect the toggle from analogRead to the one for digitalWrite.)

I would be very grateful if somebody has any ideas on how to fix this, or if it is impossible by default.

Best regards,

Hi, Viktor!

As I can understand your main issue is related to the fact that all things happen in frame loop and for overcoming restrictions against unwanted recursion there is a node called FrameDelay. The value is stored at the end of one frame and read at the beginning of another.


Let me know if that didn’t work.

This solves my problem, thank you very much!