Firewire Cam

Hi !

I’m working on a patch on vvvv to colortrack and calcutate contour on surface (with people drawing on for example), so I need a cam.
For the moment I work with an USB cam (creative live cam optia) quite good lens and color sensor, but bad framerate and latency. So i’m thinking about buying a Firewire camera to replace my webcam.
I’ve seen indutrial Firewire cameras but they are too expensive (600/800 euros minimum with a lens +_+ )
After, I discovered The unibrain products.
Little devices for robotics I Think, but can match with my work.
Does anyone have ever tried unibrain firewire camera on this kind of use ? (framerate, latency, color sensor: are they good ?)
or if anyone have done this of installation with another type of camera that worked good, please tell me :)

(oops sorry for the double post)

hi. i used the fire-i and results were very good. not the best piture and not the best framerate, but rock solid, cheap, low latency and if they say 30 fps it is 30fps! up to now i bought 4 of them…

thx for your advice :) ! I think I’ll try one of this instead of my webcam.