Fingerplaymidi for android

i guess i have not made a thread about this before. I made a module for FingerplayMIDI. kalle helped me a great deal with an advanced version - thanks :)
After adding sensor support to Fingerplay, I updated the module once more. i have a G1, so i have only tested on that (with accel, orientation and magfield sensors). Note also that Fingerplay now support custom layouts. This module was built only with the default layout in mind.
also check out fingerplayOSC by Digipic

ai dep, where would i get the latest version with the new sensor features? the current appmarket version doesn’t seem to have it yet?!

ah, it’s true, and i forgot this essential thing :)
here is the github repo for my branch:
the official repo is here:

What’s the advantage of G1 -data-> server -MIDI-> vvvv compared to G1 -OSC-> vvvv ?

What’s the advantage of G1 -data-> server -MIDI-> vvvv compare?

Nothing - in fact, I think osc would be better since it could probably deal with custom layouts better. I just used midi because I want to use fingerplay with apps that don’t support osc.

So I guess it would’ be better to use osc with vvvv…

so i got the FingerPlayGL.apk from the \build directory. is that correct? uppon installing it with AppInstaller on my droid/milestone it said it would replace an existing app (have the original fingerplay installed), i hit OK, but than it just says: not installed.

anything i could be doing wrong?

also why did you fork at all, instead of integrating your work with the original?

anything i could be doing wrong?

maybe i did not manage to sign the apk properly when building with eclipse - i have done it manually here
if it does not work, then i am not sure anymore… make sure you have “Unknown sources” enabled under settings -> application settings, and that you have enough space, that’s all i can think of for now

also why did you fork at all, instead of integrating your work with the original?

because i can not test all the sensors - i have a g1 and the emulator does not support sensor emulation (there is a 3rd party app, but even that does not simulate all current types of sensors). it seems like there is no reliable way to query the actual value range of a sensor - for example, the accelerometer’s reported maximum value seems to be expressed in different units than the current reading (i think, the specs do not cover this). so, not all sensors in the droid are expected to work, yet, but i have a friend who’s got one, and he’s looking into it. i wanted to share the preliminary results with bleeding edge users such as yourself :)
we forked to github instead of within the official repo because i don’t have write access to the official svn yet… :)

settings and space checked and tried the new version you linked to. same problem here.

so ok, as long as you’re planning to merge back to the original code soon that should be fine.

just bang here if you have any new ideas about what i could test.