Finding if mouse is a arbitrary point aera


i m using arbitrary point aera to cover parts of a decor. those aeras are separated, and not really square ( trapezes, triangles , etc).
on this aera when the mouse pass on them, it shows a certan thing, and when getting out of them another thing.

is there a way to know i the mouse is inside the aera by givig its points to a node ?
or should i use something like get pixel to know from another renderer receiving the shape if the mouse is over this aera ?

hum… well pipett surely works for this… but a strange inversion occures…
any idea ? (5.8 kB)

pipet coordinates are 0…1 and y is flipped…

hi tonfilm… and thanks to read you so lately by night !
well inversion seems to be done on x and y axis … is there any node to inverse a dx9 texture ?

hello, you can use a Map node to map the mouse coordiantes from -1…1 to 0…1 or 1…0 range.

hum… what I see is not what i get…
( i think this is surely a classic one with Dx)
and my pipett became yellow not on the place it should…

so maybe something not ok at all with arbitrary point order ?

delimitation_zone-DirectX Renderer_2009.05.14-01.47.41.jpg (7.8 kB)
delimitation_zone_2009.05.14-01.51.45.jpg (184.9 kB)

founded… mapping of mouse position should be from -0.5 to 0.5…