Finding accumulation of spread values


I am trying to find accumulations of spread-values to replace nearby values (let´s say "every spread slice with a value within 0.01 and 0.03) with the center of these.
Just like: if many quads are positioned within said value range, remove them or make them invisible and place a bigger one at the center point of these quads.

Detecting, which ones are nearby each other is easy, replacing is easy, too.
I was wondering if there is some “flocking detection”-node, though.

What I am also wondering is, if it is possible to deactivate those quads so that they don’t get rendered and don´t draw performance (as I am dealing with tens of thousands of quads). Right now, if I remove them, the other quads change their position (which somehow is the expected behaviour). And if I set alpha to 0, they are still rendered, aren´t they?

I know there´s a store node, but I don´t really get that to work as needed.

Any advice pushing me in the right direction would be nice.

Best regards, C

It’s a little bit like when you are playing risk and you got the 1-army, the 5-army and the 10-army pieces.

Found a solution in this thread:

Kalles Group(3D) works fine (and it’s from 2009)

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