Finder inconsistencies

Hello devvvv’s

I found today that there are some inconsistencies in how the Finder works, which is along the same lines as how selecting nodes and IOBoxes using SHIFT and CTRL doesn’t work like in any other software.

In the Finder I found you can SHIFT-select multiple nodes, even though its actually more how CTRL-clicking works everywhere else (adding one at a time and not the nodes between the first selected and the second one I click further down).

But whats strange is that I can SHIFT-select multiple nodes (giving a black outline), but only the one I clicked last is actually selected in the patch. I wanted to delete multiple nodes by selecting them in the finder, but the finder was of no help there.

There is also a way of dragging a selection in the finder, giving a dotted outline, which doesnt actually seem to do anything.

Could we please get proper selection for a future release, both in the normal patch view as well as in the Finder.

I dont get why the Finder is so different in the way SHIFT and CTRL-selection works. I think there was a recent other thread about the selection process in the normal window and hopefully that gets fixed soon, because its very annoying that it doesnt work like expected.

Thanks for considering,


all valid points but i am afraid for now i only removed the inconsistencies: no more multiselection, no more selectionrectangle.