Find path

''catweasel, 13:25, 27.11.08: Anyone remember a patch that finds a path between 2 points, kind of like a maze, not salesman, but finds shortest route? Or if there is a route?

i have a patch finding one or more paths through a 2d maze.

note that it is only an abstract graph put onto a 2d screen. links don’t have length info. points in 2d are chosen arbitrarily. the algorithm wouldn’t change if the nodes would be positioned in another way.

so it might not be suitable for you. however wanted to put that patch up.

might be realted

starter.v4p (40.5 kB)
label.v4p (3.3 kB)

AHH! that was it!
Unfortuatly this project uses beta13.1…
But Fortunately I jus spoke to the client and they agreed that it didn’t have to do that! Thanks for that though, great patch would have been perfect, I’m sure this will crop up again!
Thank you Gregsn!


your welcome cat.
ok, oh well, and still:
label.v4p was missing

label.v4p (3.3 kB)