Find nodes out of sight in a patch

I would like a feature where it was possible to find nodes that are way out of the visible area of the patch window.

some times abandoned nodes are floating far far away and it would be nice to have a way of finding them.


  1. zoom out to all nodes are in the window
    this would need zooming to work properly but that would be really cool too.

  2. scroll bars that enable scrolling to the bounds of node positions in the patch.

just my 0.02€


i did once a vvvvunny module, perhaps it helps you…

HighLight (VVVV).zip (95.5 kB)

sunep for you it s 2 Øre

Hi Kalle and io

@io true it is 2øre hereor in this way of typing it could be 0.02kr or it could be 0.15kr taking exchange rate to euro into account. take your pick.

@kalle yes that node shaking thing is cool but for finding nodes that are waaaay off the visible area it will not help. Some times when pasting nodes from one patch to another they are placed pretty far away from the visible part of the patch making them difficult to see and easy to think that it did not past correctly which makes me paste it again and then I end up with a lot of nodes that are not related to anything in the rest of the patch.


I have patched something that can detect if you have nodes outside the patch field (that is when the patch is opened,top left).

I think I can continue and delete the nodes are outside, and save the patch again, but that would become rather destructible.

I have no idea how to scroll inside a patch, nor figure out where I have scrolled to.

Detect Invisibles.v4p (16.4 kB)

but you know the effects of pressing CTRL , ALT , CTRL+ALT , while scrolling with the mousewheel?
it’s scary how much people don’t know this.

another hack to compare the counts of the visible nodes with the total count of nodes.

but anyway i agree with sune to want some intelligent feature like
*temporary zooming. only to know where you have to scroll to find your lost babys.

CountNodes.v4p (3.5 kB)