Find a a point along a pivoting panel

Hi, I am trying to render a wall which pivots on one end. In turn this wall has a spinning panel contained within it. I have created a box node and I think I am correct in thinking that by moving the centre it now pivots on its end. The main question I have is how can I track a point say 500 along the wall so I have my centre for the spinning panel. Does this have to be done through maths or is there a clever node?

could you rephrase that, or upload a patch or drawing… i can’t figure out what you are trying to do.

I think the ApplyTransform (Transform) is the node your looking for

tonfilm. Here is a patch.

Catweasel - thanks for the node. Im slightly confused how it works though.

Example wall (16.1 kB)

ok, now i think i got it. what you are looking for is called transformation hierarchy. you use the transformation of one object to put another object in a relative position to it. see attached patch.

and also have a look at these workshop patches: vectors-transformations

Wall.v4p (19.6 kB)

Brilliant thanks tonfilm. I will have a play with that.