Finally: ,GPU particles working on ATI cards!'

Hi guys I am gomi and this is my first thread.

As I was blown away by the possibilities of dottores GPU particles I was also really sad that the Sprites shader did not work on my ATI card (and I am apparently not the only one).

It did not make much sense to me that point sprites functions would not work per se on ATI cards, as most of the other dottores GPU particles shaders and Ciants GPU particles are based on sprites and run smooth on my ATI- GPU.

Apparently ATI cards need pre-mutliplied alpha textures to correctly handle point sprites in the GPU particles Sprites shader. Here is a nice link about this topic if anyone is interested:

Luckily Martin Zrcek implemented pre-multiplied alpha in his Cinat GPU particles shaders, so all I needed to do was to take Cyants alpha snippets and paste them into dottores sprites shader.
That’s all I did and as it turns out it the sprites shaders work on my NVIDIA GPU-powered laptop (Quatro NVS 140M) and my ATI card (HD4870).
=> see

And as an additional ‘Schmankerl’ I implemented a Version that also integrates texture-controlled colors as sebl postet in the ‘Photosynth pointcloud’ thread.
=> see

Please give me some feedback if this works on your ATI cards too and maybe how it compares to the original sprites shader on NVIDIA cards!

…and of course all the credits go to dottore, Martin Zrcek and sebl (and the guys they gave credit to)! (35.7 kB) (40.5 kB)

Hey Gomi,

thanks a lot for the info,
i´ll check it the next week, no ati at home.


thanks! Works like a charm on my ATI Radeon HD 5800

This is cool. For me, this was a second reason to use NVidia cards. First was OpenCV GPU tracking.

Very cool! Many thanks! Works on my ATI Radeon HD 6750.