Filtering data problem - with less than / greater than nodes

Hello everybody!

attached an .v4 patch (an extract of my project) togehter with a .jpg screenshot where you see the wrong filter output in Herr Inspektor.
As an example I assigned the correct colors by hand to the parsed txt.file (incoming data) in the screenshot, according to my expected classification (greater than; smaller than/equal to…)?

Has somebody an idea what went wrong with my approach?


classification (607.2 kB)


your logic was alright - i slimmed it down anyways.

the problem was your regular expression not matching the data.
the regex returned 130 slices whereas your file has 147 entries, thus the discrepancy.
and the bugger is the last column of your data which is mostly something like “region, region” but sometimes just “near some region” which was completely discarted by your expression

start.v4p (15.3 kB)

thanks a lot woei,
never checked that detail, great help! also your slimming down.