Filstream2 synchronisation of 3 videos

Hello vvvvers

im looking for a way to synchronize my videos.

im using 3 filstreams2 each is playing one slice of a video, that i have cut in 3 pieces but the loops dont reset in sync.

my renderer is divided in 3 segments (left, middle, right)

im also planing on switching the videos slice by slice with a bang, so the first bang switches the right third, second bang the second etc, after 3 bangs a whole new video plays but every part should be in sync (for example if i bang the second time after 4 seconds, the video that starts playing in the middle should allready be at second 4)

i guess i could use some sort of timer which is continuously rolling and all filestreams are connected to it, so that the timer controlls which second of the video is playing.

i hope you understand my problem, i have no idea how to solve this

better understandig i can ad my patch if you want

have you read through video synchronization yet?

i dont think thats what im looking for, i only use 1 pc and one patch, and all videos should run in the same patch.

you could just use one big renderer with 3 quads (left, middle, right) and change change the textures on these according to the bangs.

the best way is to have only one big video and use 3 quads with a texture transformation so that it shows only the part of the video it should display. then nothing can ever go out of sync.

yeah i will do that