Filling the mesh

Hi guys! I’m sure someone already solved this, but I cannot find it…

I wanna create a mesh from a set of points. Creating the indices is always complicated, especially in case of concave figure. Almost impossible (for me) without knowing the points before

Polygon (SVG) seems to works well, but Polygon (Ex9.Geometry 2D) make a mess. Unfortunately I need it in EX9, someone can help me?

Poly3.v4p (11.7 kB)

Second render pass? (Or am I too optimistic?)

have a look at @velcrome))´s ((contribution:pathgeometry
especially the earclipping node.

@io – sorry what means Second render pass?

@bjoern – yes, I need something like this! do you know the name of the node that perform the earclipping?

It’s possible to send a message to @velcrome? I’d like to send him a mail or a PM, there is some way trough this forum?