FileTexture performance beta27 and random crashes


I saw that in the new beta version 27 the filetexture node sometimes sucks a lot of performance which it didn’t in the older versions.

And sometimes when I open a patch vvvv crashes and sometimes not. Did it happen to others?

Some errors may have to do with the Vlc node. I have the latest version of (26.1) Vlc0_3.dll

[validatevalue: error occured in GroupNodes.TMGroupNode.EvaluateCB](validatevalue: error occured in GroupNodes.TMGroupNode.EvaluateCB): Access violation at address 004058A0 in module ‘vvvv.exe’. Write of address 0061FA80

I attached an exception log file.

vvvv.exe-exception-2011-12-26.txt (24.3 kB)

… and here is a screenshot of the huge FileTexture performance difference between beta46 and beta47.

is it actually slower or is it just some confused tick thing? I mean what is the load in task manager, is there a difference there?


No it’s really a lot slower, not just a visual tick difference. I didn’t isolate the issue til now to create a tiny example. The strange behaviour comes when I change the input of the filetexture filenames and turn back to the 328 filenames of before. Then, the FileTexture node remains slow even if I change to less textures… The TTY renderer doesn’t report any error. I don’t have this problem with versions below 27.