FileTexture (DX11 2d.Pooled) - load in background issue

difficult to explain the behaviour, seems that it works for a little and then stop working. i’ve prepared a little patch that does exactly what i’m trying to do. there’s an image, cutted in tiles, with different levels of details (like google maps). In the patch you can change the LOD (level of detail) and there’s the button to change from “load in background” or not.
If not, all is working fine (except that vvvv stops when loading textures, as expected). But with “load in background”, you will see that the filetexture stops loading textures.
don’t know if it’s clear, and don’t know if it is my fault somewhere (this is exactly the same logic i use currently in dx9).

tilecutter (1.3 MB)

Ok was a ref count missing,

try to load that in packs/dx11/nodes/plugins and let me know (x86 build) (72.6 kB)

mmm, nope :( the problem seems the same. i’ve also tried something simpler to reproduce the behaviour. attached a simplest patch that illustrates the problem on start. If “load in background” selected, the filetexture simply can not load all the textures :\ (1.3 MB)

Just retired on my build seems fine in both cases, pop on skype )