Filetexture bug?

i thought this bug is fixed but its not…

i have a reader reading a xml file and i pick stuff with xpath, all done a subpatch. the result is then fed into a texture preloader.

as long the subpatch is minimized to a node and doesn’t have a connection to the main patch (appart from layer to preload), xpath doesnt do anything.

if i right click the patch to open it, it instantly loads the textre hence xpath starts working.

to sum up. xpath in a closed subpatch, not having a direct connection to the mainpatch doesnt work, unless i open the patch or make a pointless connection to a IO box in the main patch.

i wouldnt care but as a result, in shutup mode it won’t work either.

please devs, check xpath if it’s really working independent from the redrawing of the interface. cheers…

kommando zurück…

its filetexture doin something odd, but maybe its by design.

my texture preloader only loads when i hover over an output pin of filetexture. see attached patch.

two solutions i found, either having a iobox connection to the main patch or leave the group node enabled inside the subpatch.

bug or design is the question… (3.7 MB)

has someone tried the patch and seen the behaviour ?