FileStream2 (DShow9): Position Value not correct after Do Seek


when using Do Seek to jump to a given position on a video stream (tested with ffmpeg h.264, mencoder DivX), the value sent on the Position pin is reset to zero, counting up from here. i think this is a bug, the other Filestream node does this right.

might be a codec problem, maybe not. i’m using the K-Lite_Codec_Pack_610_Full with lots of stuff installed, win xp sp3, vvvv 40beta23 and associated DirectX, .net, SlimDX.

input appreciated, patrick

danks, fixed for beta>23

thank you joreg!

just a suggestion: use FFDSHOW instead of k-lite. its much easier to configure and debug codec specific problems

looks promising, viktor. just read the wikipedia-article about ffdshow. which build do you recommend, ffdshow tryout (

yes there is the latest vesion i guess

thx again!

if you have a intel cpu with SSE and all that stuff, i can recommend the ffdshow-tryout icl10 builds, they are up to 40% faster…

danke tebjan, i’ll try that!

just FYI, Athlon 64 also supports MMX, Extended 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, NX-Bit, AMD64 and Cool’n’Quiet. it runs fine on my Athlon 64 3200! thx tf once again!