Filestream & Writer NRT

Hi there

i’m preparing some videos for a live show, for this the vvvv patch uses filestream of an mp3 to a fft etc…

to record i’m using the Writer NRT

the writer outputs correctly, but the filestreamer reads in realtime still.

so i’m left with 3000 frames instead of Twice as many when my mp3 is done playing …

any solution ?

not easy, once sanch and me came up with the idea to record the fft data with time stamps into a textfile and read it with a time function during the rendering. but first i would try to record the vvvv output with a cam, or other recorder…

i even set the speed of the filestreamer to 1/10th of real speed and i still have the same amount of frames :s

guess i’ll output to my tv-output and loop it to my videocard.

thought maybe i did something wrong.

(first patch in vvvv ^^ )

okay, i finally registered :)

i was Guest :)

btw: with the DoSeek pin of the FileStream node and the right video codec its possible to include video in non real time rendering. what will a mp3 file do here? try:

VideoPlayerNRT.v4p (11.4 kB)

just found this old thread while surfing the vvvvorum

yeah the NRT player is what i usually use for nrt rendering, the best would be to have a NRT filestream (like the ASIO one vux did )