Filestream with Video Memory Leak

I’m working on an installation that plays back a few 5760x1080 files, and I’ve noticed there is a gradual memory leak, I think I’ve tied it down to the filestream node (again :P)
While a file is playing it seems to loose about 4k per second, with every few seconds an addition 100k going, its not major as I can shut these down on a daily basis, but it would obviously be better if it didn’t happen!
This is with an mjpg file in 27.1 (haven’t upgraded yet as I don’t have enough time to do a thorough test before it goes in and its been very stable apart from this leak)
It also brings me to another issue I’ve had, which is the 2GB file limit, it would be really good if there was a way around this, but I imagine that its dependent on vvvv being 32bit, but vlc work around this somehow…
I’ve had a couple of projects where I need >HD footage and it lasts 5-10 mins, which makes 4-6GB files with mjpg (and I haven’t found another codec that supports stupid pixel sizes!)
Anyway just another one for the list :)



is it be possible to upload a sample patch with a small video file which reproduces the problem you’re decribing? would make life much easier for us.

the 2gb file limit sounds odd. maybe joreg knows more about it.

Well as it went filestream->video texture->quad->renderer there didn’t seem much point!
I’m in transit now, I’ll try and make an example tomorrow for you…
A node request from me would also be a memory usage of vvvv node so you didn’t have to open task manager to watch for things like this, I know memory watches overall usage but as I have more than 4GB of ram, mostly it doesn’t move! I presume its a simple plugin, but I’m still illiterate coding wise, to my shame :(

hei cat,
my first bet would be [FileStream ((DShow9)]( is not leaking per se but rather a codec probably is. actually i remember having moved back to picvideo3 when using picvideo4 to play mjpg showed a memory leak. this was about 3 years ago though…(and i haven’t used picvideo4 since). so do you by any chance use picvideo4 as your decoder?

regarding a the 2GB limit i am not aware that this is related to the 32bittedness of vvvv. a quick google returned this rather old info. does this make any sense? opendml…or avisynth…?

The other day i tried 5760x1080 and was running terrible, and i can run 3x1920, with picvideo3 without problems. also noticed that the fps where slowing down with the bigger video, not with the 3x1080

@Joreg, I am indeed using picvideo4, I’ll test and report back!
@manuel, 5760 is working fine for me, I’m actually able to run 2 layers without stutters (with frame syncing too), and thats off a normal seagate barracuda hard drive too! Have you set wait for frame to 0?

Do you have any sample video so I can test it too ? Maybe the settings of the encoder are different? I’m also using picvideo3

OK, sorry for the delays…
First I also saw the leak with windows default mjpg codec, ie before I installed picvideo, which was supprising!
Picvideo is much much faster, they say the fastest and I’m inclined to believe them which is how the frame rate stayed high!

I’ve just been testing the cineform codec, and that looks promising, but I’m getting stutters every second or so which I presume is disk buffer, I will try with my ssd soon…
Best news is that it supports big files, I’ve got a 14.5GB 4k file in there…
Just need to sort out the stutter, I need to go through all the settings too…
Report back soon…