Filestream with four screens

hello… Question: I have a PC with two 8800GTX inside.
a patch with two renderer. renderer one is on screens 1 and 2 and the renderer two is on screen 3 and 4.
Everything works fine, but if I want to play a video spanned over the four screens, it will only be shown on screen 1 and 2, but i want it on every screen. what can I do?

ai mark,

this is a classic limitations of vvvvs videotexture node which can only show up on one device at a time. still to be worked around by a new node (which i’ve been promising for quite some time now)…

for now your only chance is to use two filestreams and two videotextures for which you might need to think of a synching strategie…

thanx m8.
I will try it now with two harddisk. perhaps then i have more performance. else, i take a boygroup.

(p.s: or do you know when the workaround will be made? is there a possibilty to force that procedure ;-) ? )

sory. no date for the workaroundtexture.

I solved the problem:

1 Nvidia 8800GTX
1 Matrox TripleHead2Go
so I have one Matrox and one screen connectet to the 8800GTX and the three other screens are connectet to the Matrox Module.

In the nvidia settings I chose “Span Display” so Windows recognize the 4 screens as one widewidewidewidescreen.

btw: with 2 Matrox you can span one renderer over 6 Displays :-)

It works!