Filestream (VLC) not working the same as old VLC plugin?

hi guys

Im trying to use the new VLC on the addonpack, but I cant see the texture from videos. And the same patch with old vlc plugin (on b.27) is working

any hint on how to use new vlc on the addonpack ?

does the helppatch work for you (with the one in the addonpack)?

dont think so:

and its the same with b30
i tried with vlc 2.06 and 2.05

pd: the sound IS working, but not the image


It’s only working with DX9EX on

is this ok ??

That’s not ok, don’t know what’s wrong.

Nothing changed in my opinion…

confirmed: FileStream (EX9.Texture VLC) in b30.2 only works using the commandline option /dx9ex

I was about to say it works for me, but no, I realised the video module I use was still referencing an older version of the pre addon pack plugin (maybe looks like 27.1 !?). Still, for what it’s worth that version works in b30.2 without the /dx9ex switch.