FileStream VLC ex9 question

I have a filestream vlc with 3 incoming mp4 streams. The filestream is mapped to a 3 times spreaded quad and renders on a ex9 renderer. Fine.
Problem is, that the video stops updating at some point. Or the renderer, I don’t know. The out positions on the filestream keep running and running (filestream is set to loop), but the texture does not update anymore.
I move the quads out of screen from time to time, maybe that’s a problem and I have to keep the streams alive somehow?
Hopefully I just missed something, maybe someone has an idea.


Hard to say, cozz it should work, do you have a basic example patch showing the problem? (you sure you are not growing the spreads for the VLC node?) Is your harddrive/memory up to the task?

use dx11… no text …

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I was maybe messign around with the incoming spread count, like westbam mentioned. For the last few days everything was fine, so I call this solved for now.

(I’ll dig into DX11 in the next weeks, thanks for the pointer ;))