Filestream, spreads and VLC looping

I’m working with some videoloops, the user interaction make the patch play one or more videofiles.

Filestream (EX9.Texture VLC) is not good in loops, it skips some frames, so I need to setup few Filestream (DShow9) to play few videos at the same time and one Filestream node to play only one video per time. But I still need to load dinamically a next video, like a playlist, so a spread.

I was looking for a spreadable way for Filestream and I found this

I just want to share a patch wich can go forward in a spread preloading a video like the VLC node do.

Do you have any other solution?
Why VLC skips the last few frames?
The video are avi without any encoding, 7fps and few seconds long.

FileStreamSpread.v4p (15.4 kB)

I paste my comment written here: Wishlist -Hap codec support

… waiting for devvvvs reply.

The player you need already exist : VLC DX11

So the fall project is: convert myself to DX11 :D

for the moment, there is a method to convert DX11 textures to DX9?

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Forget DX9, it is 10years old and DX11 is working much better and faster.

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The lack of an accurate frame position and a delay between changing the frame rate pin and the frame rate, are issues with the vlc nodes, I’ve had random crashes too. I’d still like a revamped file stream, even if it had limited codec support (hap? Mjpg?)and pref reverse playback.

Someone want to try this?

Is a bit bugged.

You have to connect as is in the image.

Filestream2 (Texture Spread).v4p (63.9 kB)