FileStream speed pin


just playing around with the speed pin of the FileStream node
and i’ve discovered a strange behaviour…
if there’s no sound track in the video the Speed parameter will not work…seems it’s not related to the video codec, occurs with xvid, mpgeg4, cinepack… i try to tweak the ffdshow audio decoder param…but without success… any ideas?


mkay… using inspektor you can set the filestreams clock to System. probably that will make it work for streams without audiotrack?

i’ve found this:
1/ if the video file contains an audio track the speed parameter “always” work

2/ if the video doesn’t have an audio track :
the speed pin affect the playback speed only if the Audio out pin of the filestream is not connected to the AudioOut node

speed range : 0 to 4


many thanks the system clock does the job…

ah yeah. you mean you can speed files that are not avi ? oh oh oh