Filestream Node, Audio Problems

Hi everyone,

I just encountered a problem with the (filestream/dshow9) node.

I have made a patch, where certain video and audio clips should play on cues.
The Cues are triggered with ecue. Each cue has a certain Light, Video and Audio playing.

I patched a switcher for the video, with the (dir) node and the (getslice/string) node. video is selected via the index pin on the (getslice/string) node. works fine.

i want to do the same thing with the audiofiles as well. only difference is, that the audio must not loop. the problem i encounter here is, that the audio plays only the first time a certain audiofile is selected. the second time it’s not playing.

am i missing something here? i use 2 filestream nodes for the video (because they have to fade) and a 3rd one for the audio. patch is made in beta25

thanks for your help. i’m pretty sure someone encountered the same problem already (as always), but i couln’t find any post about it…

helo scarab, please provide a patch demonstrating your problem.

hi joreg,

here is a sample patch. as playing around with it, i realized, it’s playing some audiofiles. the more i added, the patch started to play different files. (of course always after updating the (dir) node)

also sometimes it’s not playing the clips to their full length.

the files are all wavs. but at different bitrates

thanks a lot (6.9 MB)

hei scarab,

seems to work fine for me when i add a Change (Animation) between GetSlice (String)'s Output and FileStream (DShow)'s Do Seek. is that it?

if so, this is by design. changing the file does not start to play from the beginning.