FileStream Mp4

Hello, I am trying to play a file with the Filestream Dshow9 Node. On my notebook it works. On the computer where it should run final it does not work. It is the same VVVV version installed and also the VLC player, does anyone have an idea. Many greetings

It’s prolly better to install directx11 pack, and use filestream vlc, it’s less perky. The problem might be in the DirectShow codecs, idk you can try installing something like k-lite codec pack maybe it will fix your issue

thanks for quick reply. i want to synchronize 3 videos on 3 pc`s, therefore the filestream dshow9,
is there a version also for the vlc player node?

There is some boygroup solution indeed however I would recommend image sequence and player texture, since it would be more beginner friendly setup

is there a version of the player node for serveral pc`s in beta, or just boygroup it?

I usually just pass frame number via udp

I am trying to use the frame-based player on several computers. How can I specify multiple IPs for multiple clients on the server patch?

If the scope is boygroup you have to use IP and sift node

I Have had success just retriggering the videos by sending a reset command from one machine to the others and then the others basically start the video over again, once that machines video is done. With the video durations I have worked with (shorter than an hour) this approach has not had any frame drift that I have noticed.

Only thing you need to be aware of is that all video files must be exactly the same length. This eliminates the need for boygrouping setup etc.