Filestream file info

Is there an obvious reason why Filestream will not show file info (ie. duration, etc.) from the loaded file unless it is attached to a renderer?

ioa…this is because as long as there is no renderer the directshowgraph is not setup and therefore the info is not available. this could have been realized differently internally. but i think it won’t change soon.

for the wishlist: a filestream in loop mode who encounters seek positions outside of the first loop. should work as if the looped video had an infinite length.

  • should intenally wrap these seek times around the duration and seek to the position modulo length, and

  • should output the video position in the loop segment which was given by the seek time (so if you out seek time 1000 in a video with length 51 you the current position will be 1000

  • as kalle already written somewhere an OverFlow pin and/or a Count output pin would be nice