FileStream (DShow9) not remembering its speed

I seem to remember this one from waaay back, but now I have noticed it again.

when setting a speed on FileStream (DShow9) it defaults to 1 when you restart the patch.

quite annoying having to toggle the speed on startup

sorry for late…
just checked and found this to be even more strange: on my laptop with its build-in soundcard AudioOut (DShow9) shows me 6 drivers to select from… with most of them if i change speed that works for a few seconds but only then switches back to speed=1 even though i don’t change the pin. but with one particular of the drivers it works as expected. and then it also works when saving/reloading the patch. sou… i am not sure where i’d start looking. have you tried other drivers?

uhm, abit long ago… accessing memory… I think it has happened with all the systems I have used it on. killed it from my main performance system some time ago, which is where I used to change the speed most often. and I have always been using it with video, mostly without sound.

indeed. video behaved differently. thanks for da pointer. fixed now.

like… no text …