FileStream cannot read .avi compressed in mjpeg

Hi all,
I used to read (forward and backward) an MJPEG compressed video using the FileStream node and display it as a VideoTexture applied to a Quad rendered in a Rendered node in vvvv_45beta24.1 on Win7 platform. I switched to a Win8 with the latest version of vvvv (vvvv_45beta31.2) and the video is no more rendered. It seems the problem comes from the FileStream node. I could render another video not encoded in MJPEG.
The MJPEG codecs are installed on the machine as I can read the video outside vvvv.
Do you have any suggestion?
I first used MJPEG in order to be able to use the Seek parameter of the FileStream node so that I can modulate speed and direction of the video stream.
Do you have any ideas on the way to solve this?

seems then that filestream cannot find the decoder. make sure that you have installed the right version of the codec x86/x64 corresponding to the vvvversion you’re using.

Have a look Don’t know if it also applies to win 8 though.