FileStream Boygroup- Stutters

I’ve just been testing the filestream boygroup node, its very easy so big + :)
however, I get stutters even with an SD file (mjpeg) which plays perfectly in the normal filestream, this is on server as well as client.
Its a good file for picking up on stutters, just a revolving white line, wait for frame is set to 0


You don’t have permission to access /Downloads/test.avi on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Fixed now, sorry new ftp client, and its sets permissions on movies for some reason :/

thanks for the report, i will look into it… the file is rather short, direct show will lose 1-2 frames when doing the loop. that could cause problems because it always has to sync. can you try again with a file thats 2-3 min. long?

I started with a longer file, then tried that as I had it for testing anyway, the both files plays fine in the normal node…
The rotating line is great for spotting dropped frames as they become very noticeable… So maybe loop it in vdub if you need a test file?

By the way stuttering is on master and client, the master shouldn’t have to sync and should just send its position surely?

hm… if there is stutter on the master, it must be something else… will investigate.

hello there.

a related question: would it be possible to use this FileStream (DShow9 Boygroup) not in a Boygroup setup but in a normal network setup where the clients exchange data via UPD/OSC…? i.e. I have a MasterPC as well as some ClientPC´s whereas the clients have the IsClient pin set to one but yet they all play the same moviefile.

btw. the the node works perfectly in a boygroup setup…

@aivenhoe, could you check with the movie I linked to above as well if you haven’t already, it wasn’t quite right when I tried it!

for local sync check: