FileStream and sync error


using alpha vvvv 45alpha28 - 9decdc6dd3
01/08/2012 19:38

i get some warning here it is one of them it is easy to reproduce at least in my computer not sure if it is important but pass it to you to see.

open empty vvvv.exe create a filestream boygroup module right click to see inside and select sync and press F1 for help file, then close the help file by control + w and the error comes.

after closing the warning things seem to work normally so far.

upss this extension is not allow to upload .log


… no text …

vvvv.exe-exception-2012-08-02.txt (51.3 kB)

and this second one is when changing the Transformations Index on a renderer

vvvv.exe-exception-2012-08-02_Second.txt (20.9 kB)

ok right, its not really serious, but thanks for reporting. will fix that soon…

no more exceptions…